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Unable to Occupy Hong Kong, Demonstrators Go Shopping to Protest 



In a novel twist to influencing politics through commerce, Hong Kong protesters are going shopping to spread their pro-democracy message. Carrying the bright yellow umbrellas symbolic of the movement, they are marching through shops and driving away tourists.


“It’s part of the civil disobedience philosophy of taking resistance to everyday life,” said Sebastian Veg, director of the French Center for Research on Contemporary China in Hong Kong. “You don’t have to be camping out in front of a government office, but if you have an hour after you leave work you can set up a shopping group, chant or sing for universal suffrage and make life hard for the police.”

Sebastian Veg,位于香港的法国当代中国研究中心负责人说:“这是公民不服从方法的一部分,将反抗带到日常生活中。你不需要在政府部门门口露宿,但如果你下班后有一小时的时间,你可以组建一个购物团体,为普选呐喊或歌颂,让警察的日子不好过。”

(译注:civil disobedience,公民不服从,指发现某一条或某部分法律、行政指令是不合理时,主动拒绝遵守政府或强权的若干法律、要求或命令,而不诉诸于暴力,这是非暴力抗议的一项主要策略)

The shopping tours are an attempt to keep alive the debate over greater rights for the city’s leadership election in 2017, after 11 weeks of student-led rallies ended without winning concessions from China. As Hong Kong prepares for the influx of Chinese tourists coming for the Lunar New Year holiday next week, the protests may curb sales at retailers already smarting from falling revenue in December.


Annual retail sales in Hong Kong declined last year for the first time since 2003 as Chinese President Xi Jinping’s campaign against corruption and extravagance crimped spending. Luxury goods were especially hard hit, with sales slumping 16.3 percent in December. The holidays this year start on Feb. 18.


Mainland Tourists

The holidays typically see an influx of mainland tourists, who last year bumped up retail sales by one third, according to David O’Rear, chief economist for the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce. Last year, the city was the most popular destination for Chinese tourists with 47.2 million visitors, though the pro-democracy movement that occupied parts of downtown cast a shadow.

春节假期一贯都会带来大量涌入的大陆游客,根据香港总商会的首席经济学家David O’Rear,这去年使香港的零售额提高了三分之一。尽管占领了部分商业区的民主运动带来了一些阴影,但去年香港是中国旅客最热门目的地,旅游人次高达4720万。

“Hong Kong will pay a heavy price,” unless it does more to cater to mainlanders who are increasingly headed to other destinations for shopping and sightseeing, warned a Jan. 26 editorial in the Global Times, a newspaper owned by the Communist Party-affiliated People’s Daily.


Protesters had occupied swathes of Hong Kong last quarter to demand that China lift a demand to screen candidates for the 2017 chief executive election. After the police evicted them from the streets in December, some of the activists decided to take to the shops.


Nearly every night, anywhere from a handful to a few dozen activists can be spotted holding yellow umbrellas in shopping districts including Mong Kok.


Executive Appeal

They were partly inspired by Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying’s appeal to help retailers affected by the protests by going shopping, said Amos Ho, a 37-year-old clerk at a power company, who joined some of the tours.

一个参与了部分游行的电力公司37岁职员Amos Ho说,他们部分是受到了香港行政长官梁振英的“通过购物来帮助受示威影响的零售商”呼吁的启发。

The other inspiration came from an earlier televised interview of a Chinese tourist at the protest zone who when asked why she was there said she was shopping, said Veg. Her mispronunciation of the Cantonese phrase for shopping was then picked up by pun-loving Internet users who transcribed it with a vulgar term referring to the male anatomy.


The protest are loosely organized via social media or fliers on the street.
“Actually this shopping protest is very funny,” Ho said.

这次游行是通过社交媒体或街头传单来松散组织起来的。Amos Ho说:“实际上购物游行非常有趣。”

For many, though, shopping is serious in Hong Kong. Society pages feature as many red carpet store openings as charity balls. Hong Kong is the world’s biggest importer of Swiss watches. Fully 8 percent of the luxury goods sold by LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA are paid for in Hong Kong dollars.


New Year’s eve events planned next to two major Hong Kong shopping districts were canceled after the protests began.


“The point of this is since all the occupy sites were removed, the people feel like nothing was achieved,” said James Bang, a 28-year-old who lost his job after he took too much time off to join the street protests. “The people feel like nothing was achieved, no concessions, no negotiations, nothing at all. We feel we have to make a statement and go out there so people see us everyday.”

28岁的James Bang因为花太多时间去参加街头游行而失业,他说:“这件事的重点是,所有的抗议据点都被清除了,人们觉得毫无所获,没有让步、没有谈判,什么都没有。我们感觉我们必须作出声明,走出去让人们每天都能看见我们。”

And this being Hong Kong, there’s one other point, he said: “People love to shop anyway, so it’s just perfect.”



Kind of makes you think if leaving The British Common Wealth was a good idea. After all look at what the Chinese Government doing to them.


Dr. Killpatient
These efforts of harassing tourists and businesses simply have a negative effect of turning ordinary people and business owners against the "pro-democracy" protesters. They are making the same mistake as the 1967 leftist rioters, who targeted ordinary people with home made bombs and turned public opinion against the revolution.


one country, two system have fail. hong kong will be like china.


Can someone educate me on how making everyone hate them help their cause? 
Maybe their are just taking instruction from people who don't want HK to do well.


I have no problem that these British lap dogs go to UK, or even go to the US.


so so
These peoples are just trying to kill all the business in Hong Kong, they think the Brits will accept them if things go wrong.


Shanghai is more than happy to replace Hong Kong as East Asia's finance center.


A bunch of losers who want everything handed to them


A Yahoo! user
Raise the taxes on individuals since they are impeding collections of taxes from businesses. That is the Democratic way.


Dog Lover And Puppies Love Jesus Christ
These mobs continue to hurt the livelihood of the Hong Kong general public. They are making more and more people hate them.
Who design this stupid strategy to make everyone hates them ?


The problem with these people is that they try to kill the virus with poison.


Dr. Killpatient
The protesters targeted a New Territories shopping mall on Sunday and caused many shops to close. There were sit-in protests that blocked the entrances to some shops that had closed their gates to avoid trouble. There were arrests and use of pepper spray by the police. A policeman was also injured by the mob, which knocked him down and started kicking him in the head. These violent tactics are expressions of anger by people who failed to get what they wanted. Since they are vengeful acts, they will accomplish nothing. The violent tactics will be met with violence, because violence begets violence.


These protesters' goal is to destroy Hong Kong's economy and then blame it on Hong Kong government.


They claim they want democracy, but what are they promoting now? Capitalism?


So...can store owners beat the living #$%$ out of these OC disobedience selfish protesters out of their store? I would.

那么……店主可以把这些活的 #$%$,反抗的自私的抗议者赶出他们的商店吗?我会这么做的。

That'll show them!!!! disrupt business, make shops lose money, that'll gain more popular support I'm sure!!!


Where do they get the money.. first they protest, not working, block the streets.. now they shop!?