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What was your most embarrassing sexual moment?



You tell me, Spidey.
It was both our first times, and we had no idea (or at least I had no idea) how to insert myself in her.
I struggled with the positions, moving around to see what works. All the while she told me to go higher or lower or even tried to help me aim, I could only try poking around to no avail.
It was like trying to unlock a doorwith a carrot.
When the next ice age arrived, I finally got in! Her eyes clenched, gasped in some air, and it was the moment to enjoy this intimate time together!
Then I finished in like, twenty seconds or something.


Kyle Thomas
It was late night in the parking space for a local park, no one was around. Inside of a car were we, doing it when suddenly the heavens opened up and a bright light shone through, filling the entire car.
The police officer was kind enough to give us a few moments to replace all our clothes. He thought we were just teenagers and just kinda smirked when he checked our ages and said “the park is closed after dark.”


Albert Speer
I was in 7th grade when my parents went to a party with their friends.
I invited a classmate (girl) at my house, in order to impress her with my vinyl collection.
The car of my parents had some problems on the road so they came back.
I remember as now that we were in 69 position, with “Alphaville - Sounds like a melody” on the background when the light turned on.
I was so excited that I did not even realize that the light did not turn on by itself. It was my classmate who stopped what we were doing and I was wondering why did she do it?
Well, my mother was in the room, very shocked, and my father was behind her trying to convince her to leave us alone to dress.
I accompanied my classmate to her house and when I came back, my parents were waiting for me to talk. My mother had only one problem: how can I be so pervert?
I told her that I saw the 69 position in some movies. “What movies?!”, she asked me. I told her very shy : “those movies that you and my father hide in living-room, in the left closet.


Davinder Kumar
From New Delhi to Gurgaon in BUS.
I was regularly commuting between New Delhi and Gurgaon via bus.
One day, no, as always, the bus was very, no, horribly crowded. I by means of my “all the force with you” type of force somehow entered in the bus.
I was very lucky, no, I did not get the seat to sit, but a very beautiful girl was standing in front of me. We were sandwich between the crowds in the bus. The girl was beautiful and I had full free time to dream about my imaginary life with her.
Suddenly the girl leaned back, smiled and whispered in my ear and her words were like a molten metal in my ear.
She said “Dear, I can feel you”
I believe everybody understand the meaning of these word and what part of my human anatomy she was feeling me.

她说,亲爱的,I can feel you(这个可以翻成我能感觉到你,然而,还是英语原文才是精髓阿!!!)

Ruchi Sharma
Phone rings…
“I'm in deep mess, can I meet you?” Said the caller.
“Cool! See ya at 3, I'll be there,” I replied.
At meet…
I see my all-time-cheerful best buddy sad. The reason I get to know is that his girlfriend was getting married to another guy who had sufficient amount of wealth and was ‘rich', as he termed him.
We talk for an hour or so, then I had to go.Seeing him on the verge of crying, I wrap my arms around him to console him.
Suddenly, I feel his prominent boner and I think … oh, no! Why is this happening…, does he…
“It doesn't work the way you thinking,” “ I'm sorry,” he replied reading my embarrassing thought, blushed.


At 2AM, my college dorm roommate disappeared to the bathroom. He was gone for quite a long time; must have been taking a shit.
Well, that gave me a window to start jacking off. But I knew I was on the clock, and would have to be extra aggressive in the beating off to get the semen out before he was back from his dump.
So I went at it rough, making all kinds of groans, and I jizzed all over the place. I never left the bed. There was no time for Kleenex. There might have been jizz on the floor and walls.
But I got it done.
My roommate comes back to the room. He opens the door. He looks at me. I look at him. I was in the clear.
All the sudden, his girlfriend pops up in the bed!
I had jacked off like a fucking animal with his girlfriend maybe a few feet away from me in this dorm room.
She never said a word about it.


Ethanjane Mcglone
Not going to write a long story, because it's simple…
My boyfriend was going down on me in the lounge room and his mum walked it, screamed, turned around & hit her head on door, then proceeded to say “I just wanted to make myself a cup of tea”


Twenty+ years ago, while I was a student in small city in Poland I knew a girl who liked bondage games. We were about 22, and it is not unusual in my country that young people in this age are still living with their parents. Once upon a time, while her mother went work and we were sure that she will stay there until 4 PM we met together for some bondage session. I have tied her up securely in hogtied position, with hand behind back legs tied together and with short rope between her ankles and wrists. Completely inescapable, with lots of rope work. We’d played together for a while when we heard some movement in front of the apartment and the sound of keys which is inserting into the lock - her mother came home earlier.
In panic I’ve manged to untie her ankles from wrists and wrap her from head to toes into some piece of blanket. Unfortunately all sharp tools which allowed me to free her quickly were somewhere in the kitchen.
Her mother came into the room, look at the whole situation. We’ve managed to convince her that my gf is sick and has some fever (and she’s feeling cold - that’s why she’s under blanket), and her mother seated in front of us and have a nice conversation with tea and biscuits. This embarrassing situation least for an about hour, when realised that something is strange and she finally asked her daughter to move away the blanked and she uncovered our dirty secret.


I started having sex around age 14. It was the thing to do (no pun intended) in my town. Unfortunately, the first two times I had sex almost turned me away from it completely in sheer embarrassment. One important thing to note is that I was a little underdeveloped at 14. I was a late bloomer. In other words, I was really small.
Here goes nothing:
The first time i had “sex” was with a girl in the back of a car while we were waiting for our carpool. We made out and grinded for a few minutes beforehand. Apparently it was enough to really get me going, as when I took it out of my pants, it started cumming almost immediately. It was so embarrassing. I cleaned up with napkins and she spent the whole time saying how I was “fine” and how it “happens to everyone.” I knew it didn’t.
To try to prove myself again, I hooked up with a chick about a month later. I made sure that my first accident didn’t happen again, but something worse did. When I inserted myself into her, she said, “Common, I’m done with foreplay baby. Put it in!”
I was broken for a good 2 years.


Mark Roope
I will keep this short and sweet and I am sure you can fill the story in around it.
When you are a young male full of hormones why doesn’t anyone tell you that some bras are front fastening?


Robin Bailey
That's easy. On the eve of my 18th Birthday, I was hanging out with a girl for the 2nd time, and this time it was at her house. We were sitting on the living room sofa watching TV when she stood up, held out her hand and told me to come upstairs with her.
One thing led to another, and we ended up naked. Just after we ended our session, her door swings open, I grab a sheet to cover up with, and there's the girl’s very angry foster Dad. (She was a foster child.)
He’s yelling at us in the dark and tells me that I have 5 minutes to get my clothes on and get out of there. Knowing that he's waiting for me downstairs by the door, I see a tree by the girl’s window in her room, and jump onto the tree, climb down, and got out of there safely.