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A video showing a passenger being dragged off a United Airlines flight at Chicago O’Hare international airport has caused outrage at home and abroad. In China commentators on social media sites including Weibo have expressed particular anger according the the Associated Press.




Indeed this is OUTRAGEOUS. I'm not EVER going to fly United. Pricks. Literally DRAG a passenger off a plane to make room for '4 crew members'. Nope.


@Fall Guy - When this is done United will be no more. So far more than 5 million posts from around the world have condemned this action as brutal assault and battery depraved indifference and straight up racial discrimination. I hope this louse airline goes out of business. As Trump says Drain the Swamp well in this case United can go right down the old porcelain throne and into the sewer for recycling.

@Fall Guy - 这样做之后后美联航玩完啦。目前已有来自世界各地的500多万个帖子谴责这种野蛮的殴打,恶意的冷漠以及明晃晃的种族歧视行为。我希望这个卑鄙的航空公司停业。正如特朗普所说的排干沼泽(川普竞选期间的一个口号,意即要赶走害人虫,根除腐败的特权阶级的影响),放这里就是美联航可以从古老的瓷器王座上滚下来进水道进行回收了。

Fall Guy
they dont need you money


Citizen commenting
How ironic---China complaining about human rights. The joke of the day.

多讽刺啊 - 中国抱怨人权。一整天指望这个笑了。

Actually they lifted the a population equivalent to the US out a crushing dollar a day poverty. What are your accomplishments?


China should not allow United to fly to China. We must boycott United and hurt their bottom line This will send a strong message to them and others that they cannot just push their citizens of Chinese heritage around with impunity. This incident came at the heel of the French incident where the police killed a man of Chinese decent without cause. That incident was not even reported by mainstream media here in North America. The French swept the whole incident under the carpet. I am of Chinese decent and law-abiding. I remember the time when such #$%$ was frequent. I though those days were over. Is this a trend to bash people of Chinese decent? Mad


I know right. Only Chinese people get to push people from Tibet....I mean other Chinese people around.


Its not about the chinese that man could have been anybody


"the guy was legally bumped from the flight." That is not true at all. They can only bump you if the flight is oversold. The flight was not oversold there were enough seats for paying passengers. United kicked off four people to get their employees to Louisville. Stop lying.


Fall Guy
the guy was legally bumped from the flight. He has no choice but to get off the plane. they dont choose people traveling with children. The Zena Princess warrior scream from the guy was ridiculous...just get off the plane.


United policies do not spell out how to sext passengers to booted off as "excess baggage." This team picked a young couple and an old Asian couple. They probably thought they would be compliant. Proud of this doctor for standing up to them. The 4 United employees did not need to be in Louisville till the next day so they should have been "reaccommodated" instead of the paying customers. Boycott United!


Would have avoided this if they decide to maybe have their staff on another flight...even if it has to be with another airline. Bad press took more than 800 mil off its stock.


Change the name to Gestapo Airline.


Boycott United Ailines.Let them out of Bussiness.Last year they had already been booted out 3765 passengers from their air planes.Sue them for discrimination and racism in court.......


Doc LeDuc
There may be some great offers coming on United domestic hauls....as long as you're not hauled off!!