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Touchingmoment Thai beauty queen kneels down in a glittering tiara and sash to thankrubbish collecting mother who raised her



A heart-warming picture has emerged onlineshowing a young beauty queen returning to her hometown in Thailand to say thankyou in the most modest way to the woman who raised her.


Wearing her glittering crown, silk sash andheels,17-year-old Khanittha 'Mint' Phasaeng - who won the title of MissUncensored News Thailand 2015 last month - knelt before her mother in front offilthy rubbish bins to thank her for all she has done, reports ThePeople's Daily Online.


The touching moment has captured manypeople's hearts as Mint's mother who raised her alone, makes a living bycollecting and recycling trash.



zandaar, Ayr, United Kingdom, 13 hours ago
In Thailand parents and the elderly arestill shown respect.


Just Me, Down south, United Kingdom, 1 hourago
@LisaNorge. I don't know what you mean byyour statement but I was charging my son rent at 17 as I paid for him whilst hewas in full time education but after that he became a lodger and lodgers haveto pay by getting a full time job. How else does he learn to contribute tosociety if everything is given to them and they never learn the meaning ofmoney and being a burden on us or society. He has a great job through hard workbecause he knew he had too.


facepalm, Charleston, United States, 12 hoursago
Gorgeous girl, but even more beautiful isher heart and the appreciation and lack of shame she has for her mother's hardwork and sacrifice. Hopefully she'll be able to use her new found fame to makelife more comfortable for her family.


Sagami, Sugar Hill, United States, 12 hoursago
Mom did a great job raising this beautifulsoul


Rof, Wafflecoat, United Kingdom, 12 hoursago
It is called respect for your elders andparents,anyone fancy trying to explain this to our lot?,No chance really.


ill_tell_me_ma, Caro, United States, 9hours ago
My 4 oldest grandkids do not respectanyone. The 2 younger ones show their respect as I am teaching them to respectothers and they will respect you. The oldest is now a teen.


nill poi, manchester, United Kingdom, 7hours ago
Its the adults fault why their childrendon't respect people.


Allyoop, Orange County CA, United States,11 hours ago
How refreshing to see a teenager treattheir parent with thankfulness & humility.


Ingie99, Parkland, United States, 12 hoursago
Something that American kids should look upto. Self-entitled pigs


Aunt Rosy, Planet Earth, Nauru, 11 hoursago
They are self entitleddue to their parents. Parents are the root cause.


RG_504, Houston, United States, 1 hour ago
A lot of the time, it's the parents faultsbecause they spoil them with things they don't need, and never teach them wheatit's like to work for what you have.


lilly2, none, Sweden, 12 hours ago
hard work, determination and above all elsefamily support. Such a sweet story


sparrowspouse, Merica, United States, 10hours ago
Respect your elders. This is ancient wisdomshared by every human society. We lose everything when we lose that.


rprice9910, Little Rock, United States, 12hours ago
I wish people would adore their elderly andparents and lift them up the world would be a better place


superchuke, chicago, United States, 13hours ago
hopefully she can support her family nowand maybe the mom can retire.


peace786, London, United Kingdom, 7 hoursago
British people should take note. They haveno respect for parents in this country.


Wise guy, North Pole, Svalbard And JanMayen, 8 hours ago
.....meanwhile, in the UK, a son chargeshis mother £400 / day to visit her.


SteG, Manchester, United Kingdom, 7 hoursago
But that's the clever bit. He can legallycharge her for his service, result is that her funds to pay for her nursinghome are reduced and they (mother & son) cannot be accused of divertingmoney to avoid the nursing home fees.


Juwon, New Found City, Åland Islands, 7hours ago
We have no control over how/where we areborn, but WE can decided how we live and what we make of ourself.