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It has been billed as a hi-tech bike-sharing boom that entrepreneurs hope will make them rich while simultaneously transforming China’s traffic-clogged cities.



But occasionally dreams can turn sour.


In the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen more than 500 bicycles for hire have been found dumped in huge piles on the streets according to reports.


Pictures showed jumbled stacks of vehicles nearly three metres high with handlebars baskets and other parts scattered on the ground.


City streets around the country have seen an explosion of the colourful bikes that users can rent on demand with a smartphone app and then park wherever they choose.


The sharing economy is taking off in China where ride-sharing and Airbnb are increasingly commonplace.

共享经济在中国开始腾飞,共享单车和Airbnb已经越来越普遍 。

But problems have arisen when clients have abandoned their cycles.


“Some people these days just have really bad character” a man named He who lives near where the stacks appeared told the Southern Metropolis Daily.


“When they’re done using [the bike] they just throw it away somewhere because they’ve already paid.”


In the past few days he witnessed people demolishing the bikes before discarding them on the side of the road he said.



WalterBMorgan 55m ago
Presumably these bikes have value and the rental firms can pick them up and reuse them. Surely they must have credit card details or their users? Don't they charge them if the bike is damaged or just thrown away?


jonathanvause  WalterBMorgan 44m ago
you pay using an app - yes they have your details and can charge you in theory but proving that the damage happened while you were using it is obviously more problematic


OddFellow 2h ago
This story is a complete distortion and not true.


jonathanvause  OddFellow 43m ago
there are cases of the bikes being dumped it's not clear by who. it is true and it's not being distorted - that doesn't change the fact that yes the bikes are popular and many people are using them


OddFellow 2h ago
Fake news...
The bike sharing is working really well...


OddFellow 2h ago
I am in both Beijing and Shanghai and this is a made up story.


ThisLyingGovernment  OddFellow 2h ago
you must have really long arms. Or long legs. Either way. Has guiness book of world records contacted you?


Arthurneddysmith  OddFellow 20m ago
The picture associated with this story was taken in Shenzhen. Somehow I doubt your capacity to rule out the existence of bike piles in each and every Chinese city.


msroadkill612 3h ago
I love bikes but they are awkward bloody things storage wise as we riders know from our garages and apartments..


Park 3x side by side & its almost a car park space.


Plan B requires better bike parking at hot spots like stations clearly.

B 计划很明显就是在车站这种车辆密集的场所要把自行车摆放得更好。

Cheap simple automated multi-story bike parks seem very doable tho.


Racks to vertically hang them by the front wheel?


Very similar tech to many production lines. Meat storers do similar. Carcases are suspended by hooks from rails and can be sented or moved easily. We are only talking ~20kg.


mrdudu 4h ago
I've heard they do the same with baby kittens.


TonyB999  mrdudu 2h ago
And humans. Especially if the babies are female.


chillisauce 4h ago
It's the middle of winter and a balmy 18C here in Guangzhou today; there are Mobikes everywhere. What I don't get is how a cycle commute for an office worker is compatible with a country where summer temperatures are often in the high 30s. If I was riding suited and booted in that kind of temperature I'd be a red-faced pool of sweat after about five minutes. I've been coming here long enough to remember when the bikes easily outnumbered the cars but I suspect that in those days most of those people weren't going to an office in the financial district. Cement factory possibly.


PerryW 5h ago
I do recall when in London some bike stands were often full meaning you had to cycle somewhere you didn't want to go to find a spare space in a rack. If you have high bike usage you need organised drop off points. What else can people be expected to do if they alight at a railway station and the bike stand is full? The bike piles indicate a popular scheme that is not being managed properly.


hybridfiat 5h ago
I have noticed that the attitude of the Chinese mainlanders differs to those of say the Japanese when it comes to altruism.


DingbatTheFirst  hybridfiat 3h ago
I've noticed that trying to lump 1.5 billion people into a simple category or two to be pretty much pointless.


AlteredAtom 5h ago
“When they’re done using [the bike] they just throw it away somewhere because they’ve already paid.”


Total misleading nonsense!! The bikes are all GPS chipped and the next user would report it. The person throwing them away would be barred from the system in no time!


AlteredAtom 5h ago
It's funny how the Guardian hardly reports on this huge social riding phenomenon that has taken over most the large cities in China with hundreds of thousands of bikes except to report on some tiny aspect where it is not working so smoothly!
What is their agenda with this?


bovinescatology  AlteredAtom 3h ago
Good news is bad news in the New Guardian.


Climate Bob 6h ago
I expect it is the taxi drivers who are wrecking them.


LESentropation 6h ago
Just add a deposit based plug the bike back into a final parking bay concept. Like in London. ?? Otherwise chaos...?


Thomas Koller 6h ago
This is the big environmental problem with China and Chinese culture. A large section of the populace are very badly behaved--rude and no social awareness or concern. Their country could be much better than it is if more people behaved in a polite and responsible way. I saw this everywhere when I lived there. Unfortunately they carry their habits with them and degrade the environment wherever they go. Taiwan where I now live is much better which indicates to me that the problem is not with traditional Chinese culture but rather with the non-culture that arose as a consequence of the Chinese "cultural revolution."