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What is the best Chinese food dish? Why?




Janine Gomez
Answered Jan 27
Best Chinese Dishes Everyone Should Try


“I may have ruined my life, but at least I got to eat some reallygood Chinese food.” -Louis Sachar


A wise adage has said that the key toenjoying every bite of your Chinese food is to never ask what is in it. Howeverjokes aside, Chinese cuisine is without a doubt, one of the most flavorfuldishes in the world. Years of practice has honed the culinary skills of variousChinese chefs and cooks which resulted to the right balance between sweet andsour, tangy and salty and those beloved dishes with just a hint of spice. Asthe Chinese are widely versed in food culture, it is no question that foodwould be one of the main highlights whenever tourists would swarm mainlandChina.


With diverse dishes offered, an indulgentand delicious food tour would be indispensable. But for those of us who areunable to visit China, our local counterparts in the form of authentic Chineserestaurants would have to do. Fortunately, there are a lot of Chineserestaurants in Manila to choose from. However, to make the most out of yourexperience, here are some of the best dishes you should try from their menus:


1.) Xiao Long Bao (Soup Dumplings)

1 小笼包(带汤的饺子)

If you have a penchant for a traditionaldim sum or just a hankering for a dumpling, try the Xiao Long Bao. These areShanghai dumplings which are essentially filled with meat (usually pork orcrab) slathered in a rich savory broth that would ooze out upon your firstbite. This flavorful Chinese fare would certainly appeal to your taste budsbetter than any deep fried wontons and would certainly be worth the try.


2.) Cong You Bing (Scallion Pancakes)

2 葱油饼(加葱的煎饼)

In lieu of the traditional egg rolls, youregularly order in your favorite Chinese restaurant, try something a littlesimilar but with more flavor such as the Cong You Bing or scallion pancakes.Egg rolls, unless correctly prepared, are usually deep-fried rolls of doughfilled with meat and vegetables making for a greasy meal. Opt for somethingsimilar but with less oil instead such as scallion pancakes.


3.) Rou Jia Mo (Chinese Hamburgers)

3 肉夹馍(中式汉堡)

Burger aficionados and pork bun loverswould rejoice over this delightful and indulgent Chinese snack. Rou Jia Mo ormore commonly recognized as Chinese hamburgers are white steamed buns filledwith stewed pork inside. The pork is seasoned and is cooked overnight in alarge pot of spices such as cloves and cardamom making it incredibly tender bythe time morning comes. It is a succulent dish and would make for a veryfilling snack.


4.) Peking Duck

4 北京烤鸭

No self-respecting Chinese dish connoisseurwould ever walk into an authentic Chinese restaurant without ordering PekingDuck from the menu. Known as the Asian counterpart of the American turkeyroast, the Peking Duck is more flavorful and a lot more tender than your Sundayroast chicken. This poultry dish is succulent and bursting with flavor thatsauces are rendered unnecessary in enhancing its flavor. If you are a chickenenthusiast, this Chinese dish should be a part of your dinner fare in anyChinese restaurant.


5.) Yu Xiang Rou Si (Shredded pork in hotgarlic sauce)

5 鱼香肉丝(热蒜酱汁配猪肉片)

You may have widely accepted beef withbroccoli as a Chinese dish, but that has nothing on Yu Xiang Rou Si which isessentially a dish of shredded pork slathered in hot garlic sauce. It offersthe unique play on food textures similar to the beef with broccoli dish, but itis a lot more flavorful. This spicy and Sichuan dish is usually sauteed withvarious vegetables, peppers, and mushrooms. Take it up a notch andinstead of ordering your usual beef with broccoli, try this sauteed shreddedpork with vegetables instead.


Jon Davis, Writer and Blogger on Military,Veterans, and Middle Eastern Affairs.
Updated Aug 27, 2015
Originally Answered: What kind of Chinesefood do you like?


Look, I am just a silly American with nointernational understanding of flavor, but I love how we have completelyadapted Chinese food over here. I am not trying to give a culture or historylesson on Chinese culinary arts. I am just communicating some foods that wecall Chinese here that I love. I know that most of it really isn't even Chinesefood, but that is what we call it. I am not going to list off some Chinese foodthat my fellow low class Americans have never heard of, but the homegrowndelicacies you know and love. Get these in front of me and it is a greatevening out. I know that dozens of pretentious know-it-all hipsters have alreadydownvoted. I don't care, because the rest of us can just pull up a chair andgrab another plate at the all-you-can-eat buffet.


Orange Chicken and Rice.


I love the juiciness of the pungent chickenas it leaps out and kisses the tongue. It is filling and leaves you saddenedthat you are already your full. You allow the sauce to mix with the rice,completely saturating and you have a side dish literally dripping with flavor.Every part of your soul is filled with joy as your belly is filled and yousuddenly realize why that happy, plump kitchen god alwayslooks so happy (who isn't actually a Buddha statue. Who knew? Real Chinesepeople and me, that's who.)


_____ Mein noodles.


I don't want to get into the confusion ofChow Mein or Lo Mein. I just love it. The flavor is softer, but still delightas I grab a two chopstick load of the noodles. It has a tang that doesn'toverpower and leaves you wanting more.


Teriyaki (stick not necessary)


This is only sort of a joke, I know it isfrom Japan, at least the original one. Here though it is in every Chinese foodrestaurant. Oh well. If you can get a great cook, great marinade and some greatsauce, this is so great. Succulent and a reminder of good old American BBQ. Itis so filling and tastes the best in small portions.


Sweet and Sour Chicken (Pork or Beef)


This is probably the most hated amongactual Chinese foodies, but this is the stuff. It is basicallyjust fried meat. Americans are really good at that and when the Chinese taughtus how to cut chicken we taught them how to make it the single unhealthiestthing that you just have to slather on more of the sweet and sour sauce.


So yes this is Chinese food. You may notlike it, but this part of our culture... here in America. We have been eatingit since tens of tens of thousands of Chinese immigrants sold us theirleft-overs. Since the mid 19th century oriental cuisine has grown all on itsown here in the United States. It isn't "not Chinese" it is ourChinese. Now we have our own brand of a flavor from the East. Or at least EastSan Francisco. You throw this in with a pizza, tea and a burrito and you have agreat week of good old American food.


Also, it does taste different withchopsticks. Try it. It's not that hard.


Jim Gordon, , I've eaten for over 65 years.Have lived/visited and eaten in 37 countries sin
Answered Jun 14, 2012
I adore spicy food from Sichuan and Hunan,I love the rich savory dishes of mandarin and Shandong styles, I'ma big fan of the dry-fried heavy spiced Uighur and Kazakh meat dishes ofXinjiang and Tibet, but I'm going to claim that more people swoon for thehard-core Cantonese favorite of fat rice noodles coveredwith any combination of meat, seafood, vegetables and a rich juicy sauce: someversion of chow foon.


It's the ultimate comfort food.  Beside the chow foonnoodles, it's got to have meat or seafood treasures and some sausage, it oughtto have fat, juicy black mushrooms, and it needs a variety of vegetables


Steven Grimm, has been there a bunch oftimes
Answered Jun 19, 2012
A hearty, Sichuan-style rendition of 麻婆豆腐 MapoTofu is a joy to eat if you enjoy spicy food.


Stephanie Vardavas, eating is fun
Answered Jun 14, 2012
Peking duck.


It is the perfect combination of savory(scallions) and sweet (Hoisin sauce), chewy (meat) andcrunchy (skin, scallions) and soft (pancakes). Plus it's finger food,which makes it even more fun.


My husband and I had it for dinner on theday we got married and we go back to the same place every year on ouranniversary, plus one or two other times during the year (including Valentine'sday).


Victoria Weiya, studied at China
Answered Jan 19, 2016
This is 臭豆腐 (chòudòufu), morecommonly known as "Stinky Tofu". But don't let the name throw you!Once you get past the smell (okay, yes, it does stink a little), you'll findit's very savory and tasty. It's fried tofu, crispy on the outside but tenderinside, and it's always served with a delicious, thickchili sauce that adds a yummy kick to the usually bland tofu.


There's a lot of Chinese food like this thatdoesn't /look/ very tasty--and those usually end up being the most delicious.Unfortunately a lot of foreigners might find them off-putting and avoid them.


Lara Coebergh, works at Heineken
Answered Jun 26, 2013


It's one of the best street foods inShanghai. At night, when it of course tastes best, you can buy it on almostevery streetcorner. First you choose your veggie- or meat- sticks, then thevendor covers it with a very spicy, tasty and really addictive sauce and putsit on the grill! I wish I could find the bbq-sauce somewhere in a supermarkethere in the Netherlands.. Does somebody happen to know the ingredients?


John Thompson, Food Blogger from Canada
Answered Sep 10, 2016
It would be a poor cuisine that could be summedup with just one ‘best’ dish and there are scores of Chinese dishesthat I love. Among my favorites, however, are:


Dongpo Pork–東坡肉 … This is a lovelydish. It’s very rich and you probably will only want to indulge occasionally,but it is very addictive. You can follow the recipe here.


Xiaolongbao-小籠包 … I love all buns anddumplings but these are terrific. They are filled not only with meat but a goodhelping of juicy broth that squirts out at you if you are not careful.Generically, they are a sort of ‘Soup-dumpling’ but the Shanghai specialty, made with leavened dough’ areknown as Xiaolongbao, which can be translated as ‘little dragon buns’. You canfind a good soup-dumpling recipe here.


Jonathan LeBlanc, 2.5 years in Chinastudying language and the business culture.
Updated Aug 13, 2012
I love the xiao long tang bao, and theBeijing duck, and the hot pot (going to Haidilao here in Beijing tonight actually)but one that I think is forgotten is Taiwanese braisedmeat with Taiwanese sausage. By far my favorite from the Taiwanese branchof the cuisine.  I've had mainlandversions of this, but the Taiwan style is the best.


And the best roastedfish I've had in China is in the Yunnan style. It's got lemongrass andchilis and it's awesome.  Can't find agood picture of one though.


Gary Almond, lives in China
Answered Jun 14, 2015
Wow! So many good answers here! It's makingme hungry!


On my way to work, a couple of times aweek, I'll stop and get a jian bing (煎饼) from a streetvendor. I know it's not really a "dish", but it's very traditionalfood here and tastes great! It's a thin pancake that is cooked on a dome-shapedcook-top fueled by propane on a portable cart.

First, a thin layer of batter is spread onthe cook-top with a thin wooden stick and cooked on both sides. Then an egg isbroken and smeared on the cook-top and the pancake is quickly placed on the eggso they can fuse together. The whole thing is flipped over and a couple ofsauces are smeared on top and then various finely chopped vegetables are added(beans, shredded potatoes, scallions, etc.) It's all up toyou exactly what is put on the jian bing. They also have hot pepper sauceif you ask for it. (Which I always do, much to their amusement). The final stepis to roll a long you tiao (油条) which is a chewy, deep fried dough stick with the jian bing intothe shape of a burrito (for us Westerners). The whole process only takes two tothree minutes and it only costs USD 65 cents (in Nanjing).


Part of the fun for me is talking to thevendor. They are amazed to hear the foreigner speaking Chinese, but, I have toadmit that it's difficult to follow them because they speak Nanjing hua whichis a local variation of standard Mandarin. But, it's all fun and we have becomefriends of sorts and the man and wife team refer to me as "ge-ge", orbig brother.


Ricardo José, former Comedian at TakeOutComedy Club (2013-2016)
Updated Aug 31, 2014
Char siu bao 叉燒包, a cantonese bunfilled with pork and oyester sauce. It's not really a dishbut one of Dim Sum dumplings, though this specific one is so good that itdeserves its own reference. I and other Portuguese folks in Macau usually orderextra of these when in a Chinese restaurant.


Hamid Sirhan, Studied Modern ChineseHistory and language; lived in China
Answered May 18, 2011
My personal faves are 羊肉串儿(YangRouChuar) and  酸辣汤(SuanLaTang) - Lamb kebabs and hot & spicy soup respectively.


The lamb kebabs are a street food and oftensold as thin, small slices of lamb, barbecued and seasoned with cumin and/orother spices. Cheap, quick and amazingly delicious. Hot & Spicy soup whendone properly is amazingly tasty and fairly nutritious/low-calorie.


Maria Smith, Animal lover, honest,dedicated, true, stupid, crazy, weird, straightforward, moody.
Answered Nov 7, 2014
China is rich in tourist attractions.Delicious Food are an attraction indispensable in a good tour. With a longhistory, unique features, numerous styles and exquisite cooking, Chinesecuisine is one important constituent part of Culture of China. Chinese dishesare famous for color, aroma, taste, meaning and appearance.


Some of the beauty foods of China are:


Sweet and Sour Pork:


Gong Bao Chicken:


Ma Po Tofu:


Kip Hartwell, Tech geek, teacher, and worldtraveler.
Answered Nov 8, 2014
I love most of these answers!


A few that I like:


3 cup chicken: Taiwanese-Style Three CupChicken


If you have Dragon Eye wood (LongYan) andsemi-wild mountain chicken:

and veg? How aboot Dragon beard vegetable :P


Pinaki Ghosh, works at Mody University ofScience and Technology, Lakshmangarh
Answered Jan 30, 2015
Originally Answered: Which is the bestChinese food?



The "Chow mein" is the Cantonesepronunciation of the Chinese characters above, which means stir-fried noodles.Generally speaking, this stir-fried dish consists of noodles, meat (usuallychicken, beef, shrimp, or pork), onions and celery.
For making chow mein, the noodles need tobe cooked in boiling water for a while. After they becoming cool, then move tothe step of stir-frying.

"Chow mein"是上面这两个汉字的广东话发音,意思是用旺火炒的面条。一般来说,这种用旺火炒的菜中包含了面条、肉(一般是鸡肉、牛肉、虾或猪肉)、洋葱和芹菜。

Adriano Di Piero, loves to cook and try newfood
Updated Apr 12
Originally Answered: What kind of Chinesefood do you like best?


Does Yakisobacounts as Chinese food? I know it was created in Japan, but ALL chineserestaurants in Brazil sells it! If it does, then it’s certainly my favoriteone!

Last lunch my wife made a huge batch for us- it had soba pasta (not homemade, but great anyway), broccoli,cauliflower, cabbage, onions, carrots, red and yellow bell peppers, mushroomsand some meat, along with a nice and creamy yakisoba sauce.It was delicious!


If it doesn’t… well, we don’t have a lot oftraditional Chinese dishes in Brazil. We do have a version of Kung Pao Chickenthat is called “Frango Xadrez” and it’s very goodtoo - but I tend to eat it with soba pasta as well, so it might very well justbe a version of Yakisoba, with chicken instead of meat!

如果这不算中国菜的话……好吧,巴西没有多少传统的中国菜。我们有一种宫保鸡丁,它被称为“Frango Xadrez”,也非常好吃。但我倾向于用荞麦面配着它吃,所以这可能还是一种日式炒面,只是用鸡肉代替了其他的肉!
I’m also quite fond of sour-sweet friedfish and spring rolls, but yakisoba is certainly my favorite one.


Jenny Pareira, Praxs Dubai, Food bloggerand lover
Answered Oct 27, 2016
Originally Answered: What is the Chinesedish I should taste?


I would suggest you to taste Peking duckspring roll, Dim sums, wonton soup, Spicy noodles, Tomyum soup as all time favorite of mine.


Jack Blade
Answered Jan 30, 2013
My favorite Chinese food item is a wellmade authentic Beijing Duck (also known as Peking Duck). The delicious crispyskin with it's characteristic sweet smokiness is just divine! Then you take apiece of the delicious breast meat and roll it up into a thin pancake alongwith a piece of scallion with a little sweet bean sauce,garlic sauce or plum sauce (your preference)! Mmmmm!!!Here is a serving from the Xindalu Restaurant in Shanghai.


Lorri Robinson,Atheist, Artist, Techie, Cat Lap
Answered Jul 25, 2015
Char siu. Gonna make this next weekend.

Singapore noodles (I know, not Chinese, butOOOOOOHHHHH so good!) Gonna make this with any leftover char siu (as ifthere'll be any leftovers)...


Kung Pao Chicken.

Hot & Sour Soup.


All the lo meins.


All the chow meins.


Ma po tofu. Many pictures in this topic, look at one of those.


Shirley Rogers, Mobile App development,Local Digital Marketing.
Answered Apr 21, 2014
Chicken Chow Mein is my favorite and Iguess one of the best Chinese food dishes. I just love this classic takeawaydish and it is very simple. We can use fresh crunchy vegetables and also usualChinese condiments like light soy sauce and toastedsesame oil. You have to take care while choosing the quality ofnoodles.
Chicken Chow Mein