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Your "Oh shit!" stories/moment at University



So I thought I'd make a thread about people's moments of panic at University. It could be anything, from realising you have a lecture on the other side of campus as you were in the cafe, to locking yourself out of your halls because you left your keys in the taxi.


One of my favourites for me was when I turned up for an exam, sat down and began to look over the questions, and realised that, despite being an English student, I was sat in a Psychology exam and the English one wasn't until the next day in the same place. Trying to slip out without being noticed is quite difficult! 


The invigilator said as I stood up "Are you stuck?". And I was like "No, I'm just in the wrong ****ing exam!". LOLYour turn.

监考员看着我站起来了,说:“你不会做吗?”  我大概是这样说的,“是的,我他妈的走错考场了。”


MindlessRobot  来自:不详

Really sorry, have to apologise...I accidently negged you (stupid touchscreen phone)


I'll see if I'm able to give you positive rep to negate the neg I gave you.


So now TSR users begin negging someone who admits then apologises for their mistake.Right...


Ultimate1  来自:不详回复楼上

Well you sure do live to your name of 'mindless'

你确实活得和你的ID一样盲目……(楼上ID拆开是Mindless robot~)

MindlessRobot  来自:不详回复楼上

Haha! But hey, c'mon...it was an accident


Mr. Approachable 来自:英国(英格兰)回复楼上的楼上的楼上

It's ok. I am constantly getting neg repped, but it must be people accidentally missing the pos rep button!

没关系。我经常收到负面回复(鸡蛋)【如youtube上的like dislike】但是大家一定是找不到正面回复的按钮(鲜花)

Edit: Silly posters, that's the neg button, if you move sllliiiiiiiiightly to the left you'll see the right button to press

更正:傻逼回复者们,那是鸡蛋的按钮,如果你稍微往左一点你就会看见你想点的按钮了【like 一般在dislike左边】

Tomatochuckers  来自:不详回复楼上

If you say so


Mr. Approachable  来自:英国(英格兰)回复楼上

I have chosen ignorance...


Alarae  来自:英国

Oh yeah. That's me this morning in fact. Thought my lecture was in a closer building on campus that takes me ten minutes to walk to, so decided to leave late. Just before leaving I double checked my timetable to see that it is in fact in the furthest lecture theatre possible and basically have to powermarch the way there. 


Jimimick  来自:不详回复楼上

Heres a SOTON map:

Every building has a number and on the first week I was late to a lecture but thought id just made it in time. My lecture was in building 45 which according to the map is at the very bottom. When i got there it was a small building dedicated for students with dislexia with a sign on the door saying "There are 2 building 45's". I checked my map and the other building 45 is the furtherest building away on campus...WHY SOTON WHY???


FreakyStyley  来自:英国回复楼上

Who in the hell does a key that leads you to two separate places?

If you're going to do that just make them all bloody 45



Q_Q 来自:不详

Failing to get in Q_Q


Muscovite  来自:欧盟回复楼

Wanderlust.xx  来自:印度

In first year, a mate of mine was like, "Guys, you know how we had one month to revise for Jan exams? We have 2 to revise for 8."

Straight to the library, got a book, started reading all the material for the first time.

Actually, we didn't have enough time to even look at C++ so I just did all the non C++ questions on the paper. Still passed, barely.




kka25  来自:不详回复楼上

Curious. How did your mate do?


wanderlust.xx  来自印度回复楼上

He started revising at least 2 weeks before we did (full on revision, mind you) but he just doesn't have the natural aptitude for maths.

I always say maths is a language and you should treat it as such; grammar, spelling, punctuation and regular practice as well as a brief knowledge of inappropriate and appropriate sayings all make someone fluent. Just having one won't help much. 

The poor guy tries hard and I admire him for it, but he can't admit that he needs help from people who have a knack for understanding the logic. That was first year, and I think he managed around 50 odd percent. Another mate at the time started two weeks after this happened, and she still managed to pull out 85% in one module that my poor mate only managed around 50 in with tremendous work.

Goes to show that it's not about hard work, it's about working smart.

It's also about not leaving the exam an hour early because you think you've, "done all you can do" as he so aptly put it. He walked out of an exam an hour early in his second year when he clearly could have sat there and even stared at the questions and pray for a brainwave.






kka25  来自:不详回复楼上

lol, I almost felt sorry for the poor chap until I read the last part.


X_mark_the_spot  来自:不详

One morning this cyclist was weaving in and out of traffic like a madman during rush hour, in the middle of winter. He cut off loads of cars, then changed lanes without signaling etc, just being a real nuisance. Finally he cut in front of me just as we were slowing towards the stop lights, and I had to slam on my breaks and swerve my car to avoid him. Of course I gave him a good honking of the horns (several times actually, sort of went mental on the horns, lol) and shook my fist at the as**ole. He turns around and our eyes meet in fury, and it only takes a few moments to realise that it's my economics professor, whose class I was just on my way to that morning. Awkward. Also had this one incident where I called a prof a prick, only to turn around and find him standing behind me in the queue. He did not look impressed. Actually, it's a wonder that I didn't fail uni, with how many oh **** moments I've had to date


Mr. Approachable  来自:英国回复楼上

We've all been there.


kka25  来自:不详回复楼上的楼上

OMG!!!!! That's ****ed up! Cool story though.


Mr. Approachable  来自:英国

I also remember revising for an exam the night before and me and my mate decided to put a film on for background noise. We chose the original Batman. Bad idea because it turned into an all-night BatFest all the way through to The Dark Knight. At which point we realised that in 12 hours we'd done 30 minutes of revision. And he forgot to pick his Girlfriend up from his house.


Manitude  来自:英国

Night out, everyone else still out (I wanted to go home as 9am next day).

Wait for last bus which is at 5 to 1am (supposedly).Bus doesn't turn up.Decide I'm going to have to get a taxi.Talk to the driver of the nearest one (not a black cab and didn't call it so no idea what company it was, my first mistake there)As I was alone I had to pay the full fare.Left my phone in the back when I got out at my accommodation.Completely my fault, but exceedingly annoying nevertheless.








ritchie888  来自:英国

Me and a mate realised that if we scanned a union ticket and printed it on the back of a receipt it looks exactly like a real ticket, saving us a cool £4 on buying two tickets. 

Was going sweet until we were handing the tickets to the door staff and he turned over the fake ticket to see my ASDA grocery receipt.



The Stig  来自:不详回复楼上

This actually made laugh out loud for a good minute  ... how I would have loved to have been there to see what happened next 


Did you make a swift exit or try and make something up?


ritchie888  来自英国回复楼上

We were all like "Woahhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh, we bought it off this guy, HE SET US UP!". 

They threatened to take our student cards away, bit of a rubbish threat, but we got away with just leaving.


gummers  来自:英国(英格兰)回复楼上

That's actually a good reaction. I would have probably froze, broke down and begged for forgiveness.


ritchie888  来自:英国回复楼上

Yeah, the trick is to just pull this face when they say "can you stand over here for a second, sir?":


DeadGirlsDance  来自:威尔士回复楼上

Omg i laughed so hard at that picture, and i still can't keep a straight face while trying to do it in the mirror


Unununium  来自:不详

one of my lecturers is a proper mardy bum. some people walked in a minute late and he had a rant saying 'you will buy an alarm clock and turn up to my lecture on time' 

leaving this lecture i got into the lift with some mates and i was doing an impression of this right as he was walking past - luckily the lift door was closing and he didnt see me!


注:Mardy bum 北极猴子的一首曲子,北极猴子是一个新兴英国乐团,由四个年轻人不透过唱片公司由互连网自行宣传的。在这里是指非常会抱怨的人。

Hype en Ecosse  来自:英国(苏格兰)回复楼上

"You will buy an alarm clock and get to my lift on tiiiime!" she yells dramatically as the lift takes off to the bottom floor.


MagicNMedicine  来自:英国(英格兰)回复楼上的楼上

Should have told him its right hard to remember that on a day like today when you're all, argumentative, and you've got the face on.


注:its right hard to remember that on a day like today when you're all, argumentative, and you've got the face on 这一句是出自于Mardy bum的歌词。这里引用的原句和现在的有点不同,有兴趣的话可以看看原歌词。

KJane  来自:英国

For my first English Lecture I went into the wrong hall, didn't get the memo that it had changed to next door. Turns out I was in the lecture for 'Early Years Teaching' and had to ask a load of people to let me out just as the lecturer was about to start, because I'd thought it'd be a good idea to sit in the middle of a row at the front...


Got caught sneaking in alcohol into the Uni Student club, not realising they'd begun putting security guys to check handbags and frisk the guys on your way in, got caught with it and had it taken away. I brought them because I had no money on me, so spent the entire night without a drink. My flatmates enjoy teasing me about this incident.


Exodus  来自:不详

Getting halfway to 9am lecture and realise i'm still in my pyjamas


Mm_Minty  来自:英国

Having two pieces of coursework due the same day, finishing the first one the day before only to be above word limit. I emailed my seminar leader to ask what to cut out but he completely ignored the question and replied "it would be better if you answered the question like this" oblivious to the fact that I had an entire other essay to write and really didn't have time to completely re-do it.


I only just managed to get them both in on time and luckily managed to pass them both *phew* although I still think he marked me down because I ignored his advice and he was pissed about it XD


tonberry 来自:英国

Woke up at 8:10 when the bus leaves at 8:20 and had to get dressed in the lift, with people getting in and out


Mr. Approachable 来自:英国(英格兰)

One of my flat mates went outside for a 3am fire drill, but forgot he sleeps commando. :P


ArcadiaHouse  来自:英国(苏格兰)回复楼上

We had a fire drill during the day and this girl was just out the shower, walking around with just a towel outside and did not give a ****. Legend.


NapoleonDynamite  来自:英国回复楼上的楼上

Rofl, I bet that was a sight.


Popppppy  来自:英国

Walking into a lecture theatre, and announcing "This is the wrong lecture theatre!" to several hundred people, because my stupid brain decided that was the best way to play it cool.


Renacata  来自:英国

Last year I had to hand in a piece of assessed work every week in a lecture at the end of the afternoon. I hadn't started it by lunchtime one day, and kept reminding myself that I'd have to do it that afternoon. Went back to my room... and started on a completely different piece of work. Realised as I was getting my stuff together to go to the lecture.


AllisonAdorkable  来自:不详

Unintentionally mooning our lovable international flatmate who has a tendency of just walking into people's rooms, sadly this also happened during a period where my room wouldn't lock from the inside.


She hasn't stopped barging in, but at least she's started shouting 'are you decent?!' before walking in.


Clementiney921  来自:美国

My first Medical Sciences lecture ever: Got there early, took seat at front-ish of lecture theatre. Large class files in. Smile, make small chat with folks sitting close by.


Lecture begins. Literally sweated through 15 minutes in terrified confusion, as lecturer launches into this complex neurobiology ramble with terms I've never heard before in my life.


I spent the first quarter-hour shaking, thinking "My god, I'm going to fail out of university"...only to realise that I was sitting in a 3rd-year medic's lecture.


Guess who had to stand up in front of a full theatre, awkwardly mumble something about "wrong lecture," slink out, and still be 20 minutes late for their first-ever lecture?


ArcadiaHouse  来自:英国(苏格兰)

Well you could have been either very late for first year ... or very early for third year


The Puppet Master  来自:英国

One night had serious problems getting to sleep, ended up finally drifting off at 5am. Alarm went off at half 8 and in my dazed state I rushed around getting ready for my 9am lecture. Get to the door, see flat mates drinking outside and remember thinking it's slightly dark for autumn... Read my phone. It's 8pm. Oh.


chaz1992  来自:英国(英格兰)

I just found out yesterday that my flat key works in other flats


X_mark_the_spot  来自:不详回复楼上

Haha me too!. One day I walked up one flight too many (had one too many cups of coffee), and was able to open the door to the flat above me.


gummers  来自:英国(英格兰)回复楼上的楼上

I've got a funny story about this actually...


Well in our accommodation there is a flat E on every floor.. anyway one day I come home at dinner time, go in my room and chill out for a bit.. hear a few people come in and go straight into the kitchen so after 5 minutes or so I walk into the kitchen to find a random girl sat there. I go in the room and get to small talk anyway, I just think she's a flat mates friend.


Then she asks 'so who are you here with?'


errrrr me?


Turns out she'd gone into the wrong flat and didn't even notice..


Actually, this story isn't that funny compared to others.


chaz1992 来自:英国回复楼上

haha, that must have been really awkward for her!


!-Twisty-!  来自:不详

Thinking after half a bottle of vodka that drinking games with a german over a foot taller than me would be a good idea.


Kenny_uk  来自:英国回复楼上

I stupidly agreed to play "I have never" with a group of friends, including one good friend who knew some of my "dirtier" secrets that the others didnt.... Not my best idea... I'm now known as "Bisto"


注:I have never:一种游戏,通常在喝酒的时候玩,游戏方要说他不曾做过什么事情,然后其他其他人之间的小秘密去猜是否为真。


!-Twisty-!  来自:不详回复楼上

I'm both dying to know, and cringing to think why you're called bisto...


Bobifier  来自:不详

Answered question 1 and two other questions. Lots of time left. Normally I don't finish in the time given. Assume it was a really easy exam and wait it out. Ten minutes before the end of the exam check the front of the paper. Read "Answer questions 1 and 2 and two other qeustions".

Only 45% in this exam.


Guru Jason  来自:不详

Mate of mine went out without locking his door. We took all his stuff from his room including the bed and rearranged it exactly the way it was... only in the uni liabrary. The look on his face. It was 2 in the morning when he came back so there was no staff around. He couln't be bothered to move it back so he just slept in his bed in the liabrary.


LaughingBro  来自:香港

I accidently sent an email to my teacher that was rather inappropriate


Uzzy?   来自:不详

Went and sat in the wrong lecture  then trying to get out in panic whilst trying to 'pull' a 'push' door


Keckers  来自:英国

First Maths tutorial and my housemate and I were convinced it started at 2:15.

Get there bang on time thinking we're being good students only to walk in and have a postgraduate murmur to us "you are here for math tutorial? We've just finished. You are hour late."

Apparently the entire tutorial was doing the maths assignment we'd already finished so at least we now know we needn't bother with them



BeautifullyTragic  来自:不详

Oversleeping, and having 10 minutes to get dressed and run to my practical assessment. Got there literally just in time, however couldn't see anything because I had conjunctivitus


kka25  来自:不详

I took my first ever foreign language class and all of the sudden, this English language lecturer came and started speaking like a 19th century lady. We were all confused when she started asking us to submit a coursework since it's our first class. Eventually she finally realized that she was in the wrong class even after she repeatedly asked "are you sure I'm in the wrong class?". When she finally came to a conclusion that she was in the wrong class, she just said "Owh, sorry". Then left. It was a  moment for me and ****! for her.

我参加过第一次也是最后一次的外语课发生了意外,一个英语讲师走进来然后开始像十九世纪的女士一样侃侃而谈。直到她叫我们交一份作业的时候我们才都觉得奇怪。最后在反复问大家“你们确定我进错了教室”她自己才意识到,于是她就抛下句:“( ⊙ o ⊙ )啊!,不好意思”然后跑掉了。这时候我真想弹她JJ一百遍啊一百遍!~~

Bobsyourteapots  来自:英国

Some drunk idiot was annoying me at 3 in the morning before my first lecture and I got up, filled a jug of cold water and threw it over the suspect. 5 minutes later a man appeared outside my room and it turns out it was someone from the uni accommodation team coming to see my flatmate who called them over the noise!I was about to die! I couldn't stop saying sorry! Luckily he saw the funny side and also sorted out the drunks outside the flat




Miza  来自:苏维埃联盟

Back in the beggining of my final year in university I remmember walking into my first lecture in the university cinema hall, and shortly after realising that I am the only Non-Chinese student in there. Quick recalculation of plan, and I have realised it was a wrong room. A few minutes later I actually found the right room, but to my shock and horror it wasn't any better. Infact out of 150 students of my course we had 135 Chinese, 5 British and 10 Europeans.


Tillytots  来自:英国

I changed courses last week and and had to go see the professor to discuss it etc, basically went to sit in the chair not realising there was an antique lampshade behind me, push my chair back and it smashed into tiny pieces. Really valuable, he was OK about it but really not the best way to make a first impression


Gozatron  来自:英国曼联

First week of med school. Came back from a massive night out, set my phone alarm on silent  woke up at 1 the following day. Missed my first ever group presentation (guess who had the presentation slides?  and the year photo


edd360  来自:英国

My family asked me if I wanted to go to center parcs so obviously I was like hell yeah I do, but it meant having to miss friday and monday of uni. I realised on the Sunday that I had a field trip the next day which constitutes to the only piece of coursework to the module so had to attend. Ended up getting dropped off at the field trip on our way back from center parcs, and landed an hour and a half late at the field trip looooooool

我父母问我想不想去center parcs的露营。我当时激动死了,但是这同时意味着我必须翘掉学校里星期五和星期一的课。我在星期天的时候意识到,我星期一有一个实习,而且这是整个科目唯一必须出席的一堂课。最后我在从center parcs回来的路上睡着了,实习迟到了一个半小时,哇哈哈哈哈哈哈哈。

Iron Mask Duval 来自:牙买加

Attended an international society social at the pub.Was talking to a Chinese girl who was drinking lemonade for about 20 minutes before she went to the toilet.Coincidentally, another Chinese girl also in the society came in at that time and sat in her seat. I didn't notice it was someone different.I said "So are you drinking lemonade to avoid a hangover tonight"?To which she replied "What are you on about ? I've only just got here".There was an awkward silence after that and i'm not sure if she realized I got her mixed up with someone else or just thinks i'm a weirdo with a crap sense of humor. Of course, about 10 other people witnessed this.







Cicerao  来自:英国回复楼上

This takes the prize so far for me. Not only was it awkward as hell, but could have been seen as racist which ups the embarassment factor. Wasn't she wearing different clothes and have at least slightly different hair and face? How can you not notice?


Iron Mask Duval  来自牙买加回复楼上

Yep, I could have dug my grave even deeper if I had said "Sorry, I got you mixed up. All ya'll look alike".Yeah she was wearing different clothes but her hair was the same.But I didn't really take that in. I just assumed "I was talking to a Chinese girl before, she got up and left. A Chinese girl has come and sat next to me, it must be the same one".Doesn't help that i'm not great at remembering faces either.





Slothsocks  不详

Walking into the projector at the back of the lecture theatre and concussing myself infront of everyone.


somethingbeautiful  来自:英国

In halls, first year, we'd be given a form to fill in about our rooms - to list any faults so that we wouldn't have money deducted from our deposits for stuff that's already broken. Everything was fine in my room except for the fact that the bottom drawer on my bedside cabinet didn't close fully. So I wrote it down. Didn't realise anyone would come to check. Then about 3 months later a complete stranger bursts into my room at 9am (I'm still in bed, asleep!!!) wakes me up and tells me he's ''here about the drawer''. I nearly ****ing screamed. 

Anyway, I said yeah fine whatever and he goes to the drawer and pulls on it really hard - the thing bursts out of the cabinet to reveal a bunch of girls knickers stuffed at the back which had prevented the drawer from closing.

I go "they're not mine" and he looks at me like I'm a complete div and a liar (they weren't mine).

Don't know why my uni porters decided to give a bloke my room key just to fix a drawer, I was livid lol.





NapoleonDynamite  来自:英国回复楼上

Haha omg  I really am not looking forward to things like that happening when I go uni xD

哈哈,天啊,希望我进大学的时候不要发生这种事情    xD

charleymabob  来自:英国

Misreading the due date of my assignment, mixed it up with one i had in the week before. Not fun


ForgettingWhatsername  来自:不详

Got really drunk one night and snogged my lecturer whom I'd been fancying for ages... Next class was a bit awkward to say the least.


angelbones  来自:英国

There are 6 flats in our building, and each flat has a lock on the main door. Everyone else in the other 5 flats can open our main door with their keys, and we can't open theirs. I have no idea why, but there you go. So we've become the party flat, just because everyone can get into it whenever they want. 

We had a lab a couple of weeks ago and it'd been raining. The floor was slippy and I'm a clumsy sod, and as I was walking in, I tripped (over my own feet ) and grabbed on to the nearest thing to stop myself falling over - which turned out to be our lab technician. Awkward.

我住的建筑有6个公寓,每一个公寓在正门都有一个锁。另外5个公寓的人都可以用他们的钥匙打开我们正门的锁,但是我们却开不了他们的。我搞不懂为什么,反正就是这样。所以 我们公寓变成了聚会的公寓,就因为所有人随时想进来就进来。


Inzamam99  来自:巴基斯坦

Well most recently had to climb through my first floor window as I had left my keys inside and pretty much every seminar (most start at 9am), I end up leaving home late (30 mins walk from uni) and literally have to sprint there, burst through the door and stand sweating like a d******* in front of the whole class. And calling my Accounting lecturer a c*** and then having him walk past me was hardly the smoothest thing I've ever done either.


Alenda  来自:不详

In my first computer lab of the second year i was installing my new harddrive and i noticed there was tape covering some pins. I hadn't been paying attention so i said to the girl next to me "Did he say to remove the tape?" she said he did so i removed it and carried on. Half way through the lab the lecturer came over because he could smell burning metal. I'd managed to fry the motherboard and ruin the computer. I wasn't supposed to remove the tape...



theronkinator  来自:英国

I have way too many stories.

Last Christmas I was going home, wanted to get a cheap train which was at 6:30, booked my taxi the night before for 5:45 (20 min journey didn't want to be late), woke up at 5 to get ready, well back to sleep, woke up at 5:50 to my phone vibrarting had three texts from the taxi company saying they were outside, I had to run down and say 5 mins, run up, get changed, find my work I needed, grab my laptop, luckily most stuff had been taken home a few days before by my dad who was up with work, was so stressful though, I forgot loads of important stuff. Train ended up been delayed and changed platform and it was raining that sucked.

Another time I almost failed the year because uni are really unorganised and the hand in time changes depending who you asked, I'd checked multiple times and they'd always said 5, went to hand some work in at 4:30 to be told it was 5 every day except deadline day when it was 4. What the hell, no signs or anything to say this, I had to go see my course leader who'd gone home, so had to get another one I knew to sign a note for me, put it under his door and hope for the best. They accepted it, but I'd have failed the year if they hadn't (this was only in Feb aswell). In march a month after they emailed saying hand in time was changing from 2pm to 4pm from now on. It was never 2pm, I'd always been told 5. Nightmare.

I'm sure I have many many more, will add them when I think of them.


Second year and you you messed up installing a hard drive...




Second year and you you messed up installing a hard drive...


Alenda  来自:不详回复楼上的最后一句

Pretty simple mistake to make. I'm not exactly studying computer science and my degree doesn't focus on hardware much. Infact the hard drive was installed and partitioned fine, just needed a new computer to plug it into . And i still got a First.


mdr  来自:不详

locking myself out of my room with just a pair of knickers on, and no neighbours in their rooms to help me.


I HEART KFC!!!  来自:不详

was in the kfc drive thru which is right next to uni.. and i was checking my order when i got it.. and i didnt realize my handbrake wasnt pulled.. and i rolled downhill and smashed into my lecturer who was in the car in front of me...it was all good though..


Sapphire_Eyes  来自:英国

I had organised an IS meeting with my supervisor, in his office after a lecture to get enrollment confirmed. Made appointment with him for friday, thought it was next Friday. Only realised when he sent an email with 'you did remember we had made an appointment for today?' Head hit the desk and I sent back an email apologising.

我和我的论文导师在他的办公室预约了一次 IS 会议,就在一堂要登记点名的课后。我们约在星期五,我想的是下个星期五。知道他发了一封邮件给我说‘你记得我们星期五有预约吗?’以头抢地尔,然后我回信开始道歉。

such_a_lady  来自:欧盟

Subscribed, this thread makes me giggle


TheSownRose  来自:英国(英格兰)

I've accidentally elbowed one of my favourite lecturers (and dissertation supervisor) in the head. 

My course involves performing sight tests under supervision in the university clinic; on this particular day, he was my clinic supervisor. I was standing in front of the patient showing them different lenses and, unknown to me, he'd come into the cubicle and was crouching down making sure I was showing the lenses correctly.

I quickly drew my arm back to pick something else up, still didn't know he was there until my elbow connected with something and I heard him say "Ow!"  I apologised more than I needed to, the patient was laughing and he said it was fine ... but he hasn't done that again to my knowledge.



Devil's Advocate  来自:不详

Hadn't done any seminar prep because I went out the night before and thought I'd get away with it as my tutor never asks us to share what we've done. About 5 mins into the seminar he starts going round the class asking us what we've read and made notes on. He NEVER does this apart from the one time I haven't done the work. It got to the guy before me and I was ****ting myself that I'd look like a ****ing idiot for not doing any work because my tutor already thinks I'm a lazy git. Anyway, the guy next to me finishes and I'm running through excuses in my head just as the tutor looks to me, then to the clock, and then announces that we needed to move onto the next thing to do and didn't have time to hear from any more people. My ******* loosened and all was good in the world.

A small victory but it made my day slightly better.



yunghamz  来自:不详回复楼上

LOOOOOL. I'm out of reps, but good story, i've been in similar situations but i didn't get away with it.


S_123  来自:英国回复楼上的楼上

Lol lucky!I love this thread


Mr. Approachable  来自:英国(英格兰)

My biggest "Oh ****!" moment was a 24 hour time period celebrating my 19th Birthday. We'd started the night by pre-drinking in my flat where I had drank about 2 Litres of cider and changed into an 80's Hawaiian shirt. Jump to the clubs and bars where I was force fed a cocktail of stella, birthday cake shots and absinth. Soon after we headed home and called a taxi, after my friends decided I had partied enough after trying to kick the bouncer out of the club and I finished doing a solo act to 'my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard' in the middle of Revolution.

我最糗的那一刻是在一连24小时庆祝我的19岁生日那次。我们晚上先在我家公寓,喝了两公升的调酒,换上了夏威夷T恤。接着转换战场至夜店跟酒馆,勉强喝了stella鸡尾酒、birthday cake shots还有苦艾酒。我朋友们因为看我想把酒保赶出酒馆、又一个人中间闹了上空秀,于是决定叫一台出租车回家,

注:my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard 一首叫『乳波臀浪』其中的歌词。从歌词推论可能是上空演出。


Stella cocktail一种鸡尾酒。

birthday cake shots一种调酒,成分组成为:一盎司的兰葛利(Frangelico一种榛果口味利口酒)、一片柠檬、砂糖和一盎司的柠檬口味伏特加。

In the taxi, I put the window down in case I chundered everywhere. We drove past a police car and I shouted at the top of my voice "HELP!! I'm being kidnapped!!". The taxi driver was not impressed. I was left in the safety of my bed by my friends.


The next morning, my friend came to my halls to make me a birthday meal I had been promised and got me out of bed... and my mouth tasted like Satan's dick. I managed down some bacon and a bit of pasta. 20 minutes later I threw up the pasta..... through my nose. I'd forgotten to move my hand from my mouth.


Truly an "Oh ****!" 24 hours.


PhoenixFortune  来自:

I fell asleep in an afternoon seminar once, in the presence of about 10 people. It was so warm and stuffy and I didn't even realise I was drifting off, until the lecturer said loudly behind me: "AM I KEEPING YOU UP?!" It scared the life out of me, and it was so embarrassing! She kept dropping it into the talk for the remaining hour too, just cementing my wanting-the-earth-to-swallow-me-up feeling.


I only had that lecturer for that one-off seminar though, so I'll never have to see her again...


chickenonsteroids  来自:不详回复楼上

Did you find the lecture boring or were you just tired ? hahaha

你曾觉得课堂无趣或只是正好累了? 哈哈

i remember seeing my friend fall asleep once... then the fire alarm came on. His face was priceless


PhoenixFortune   来自:回复楼上

It wasn't really boring, but it was one of those sessions where it's just recapping stuff I already knew.


Alenda  来自:不详

I revised really hard for a test that was worth about 30% of the module mark. About half way through the test i read the next question and realised none of the optional answers were correct :|. A quick glance around the room and it seemed no one else had noticed.

Ended well for me but at the time i was thinking "...wtf do i do?!".



Aaaaaaaargh!  来自:英国

I was 2 days into freshers week and everyone in my flat had gone out and had a massive night the night before. The next morning we were all sat round the kitchen table all puffy-eyed and hungover, basically laughing about what we had got up to the night before. In the room was me, 2 other lads and 3 girls. Bearing in mind we only met the other day, we still didn't really know each other and still had the odd question for each other etc.


The conversation was going well and we had all had a great night. But I noticed one of the girls was looking at me weirdly...

Me: "I think you lost us in the second club, Beth."

Her: "...Yeah....think so..."

[a few minutes later]

Me: "Anyone want a cuppa? Frank?"

Frank: "Na I'm alright"

Me: "Sophie?"

Sophie: "Yes please!"

Me: ".....Beth?"

Her: ".....I'm alright."

[A few more minutes later and all brewed up]

Frank: "Yeah I played rugby throughout school."

Me: "What about you Beth, do any sports?"

Her: ".....Actually, it's Kate."

This was well into the conversation and I had called her Beth about 9 times. 


Beth is my ex's name.


















Altruistic1  来自:英国(英格兰)

I missed the last bus home on the night before one of my exams. Did a 30 minute walk to the all-night learning building we have, tried sleeping on the couch and got kicked out by staff. Walked over to another building and fell asleep on a couch at 5am in the freezing cold. Yep, I woke up shivering at about 7:30am.

So I went into the exam feeling absolutely defeated. No idea how but I averaged 81% in it :P