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10 Ways Life Will Change If China Becomes The World's Superpower



China is determined to become the world’s next superpower. They already have plans in motion to make it happen, and Chinese president Xi Jinping has publicly declared that he wants China to be leading the world by 2050.If China gets their way, we’re going to see our world completely change—possibly even within our lifetimes. America’s influence will wane, and for the first time in history, the world’s greatest power will be the People’s Republic of China.We don’t have to speculate about what that world’s going to be like. China has made it clear how they want to reshape the world in their image and what a world would look like with the People’s Republic of China in charge.


Africa Will Become A Greater World Power
The United States Will Slump Into A Depression
World Policing Will Come To An End
University Teachers Will Have To Teach State-Approved Lessons
History Will Be Forcibly Rewritten
Europe Will Slump
Mainstream Movies Will All Be State-Approved Propaganda
Japan Will Be Cut Out Of International Society
Taiwan Will Be Invaded
China And The United States May Go To War



Be Kind To Yourself 1 day ago
I thought it already was ONE of the worlds superpowers for it has atomic weapons and a large military force plus a booming economy. Tariffs won't hurt China's economy that much but could hurt Americas more.


My Dogs Pee In The Corner On Command 1 day ago
The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!


From Russia with Love 23 hr ago
China has a single benevolent authoritarian government which allows decisions to be made without the encumbrance of lawyers or liberal notions or PC, very efficient, they can move forward quickly. Politicians there that abuse power for personal gain like those in the US are quickly executed. This is model may be best for the future. Whether you like it or not, China is rising. --- Johnny Star Spangle


Mark James 22 hr ago
similarities between the fall of Rome and the fall of the US; decide to spend all their time on Entertainment Fun and Games, bring in outsiders to do all the work, expand to far, overreach, spread to thin, loose control and FALL.


Daniel 1 day ago
We can blame our elites desire of non-union cheap labor. Wages rise in China while ours are stagnant. Greed is not a virtue and treating workers like human beings and not just resources is the business application of the Golden Rule.


van voorthuizen 1 day ago
Soon the US will wake up and realise that the world is now multipolar , its not governments that control geopolitics , it's the multibillion dollar contracts between for example Russian Avisma and Boeing that influence geopolitics. Goodbye US hegemony


Matthew 1 day ago
none of that will matter anyway if USA becomes Brazil/Mexico. Life here for people will be so bad that dreams of international influence will be replaced by basic day to day living. If you import the third world, you become the third world. Whether its on a city Basis (Detroit/Chicago) a state basis (California) or a national basis (South Africa). Demographics is destiny.


WellBredWomanizer 1 day ago
My Chinese friend thinks China is a bubble that will burst in 10 years. I think she is careful about whom she tells that to.


Rob 1 day ago
Super Powers don't have ghost cities... China isn't anywhere close to becoming a super power, go take a trip there... it becomes apparent after about 20 minutes...


Fear of the Dark 1 day ago
Well with a population of 1,4 billions its clear that it will be just a matter of time untill china will be the next lone superpower. IF the US or EU don′t want to let this happen they will have to start working together. Because alone both are not strong enough to counter china in the long run.


Girish 1 day ago
China's rise is a lesson to the world. One child policy to control a country's population will lead to economic stability. Irresponsible third world countries especially in the over populated middle east and central America have created a humanitarian crisis that has now infiltrated the USA. Democrats would like to place the blame squarely on Trump and not the lack of leadership by the religious and political leaders who did nothing to control the over populations in their respective countries.


Temple 21 hr ago
It will never happen.


Red 1 day ago
One thing is for sure... If we elect liberal Democrat politicians, the US will end up being a 3rd-World country in a short time.


baron48us 1 day ago
China was the world's super power for most of recorded history. Of course, this article is pure tripe. No one knows how things will change. China will have an effect on the world, but more importantly, the world will have a much larger effect on China. That is all that can be said.


Solo 18 hr ago
Gordon G. Chang, we need you, help us, I meant US.


Barbara 1 day ago
When have I heard this before? Oh in 1980 when the single city of Tokyo was worth more than the entire continental US.


bronco1st 20 hr ago
How is this possible when the conservatives have told us constantly that Communism is doomed to fail, that it cannot ever compete with Capitalism? Logic tells us that the best systems will combine the qualities of each system while eliminating the imperfections. It's not all one or the other...


D 1 day ago
That won't happen, now that the tariffs will smash the chinese economy.


P/Incorrect 1 day ago
They already own us.


dan clayton 1 day ago
Its Americans fault if this happens. Our politicians taking on debt in the last 7 decades and mismanagement of government in general... focused on individual perks and reelection rather than the health of a nation..has allowed China to become the banker of the world who can call in debts at some point...


Timur 22 hr ago
The key of China's rise is their leaders know what they are doing. They understand the capitalist economy and how to play in that, guarding against the Wall Street and its predatory practices.