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Posted byu/X5AT_1 14 hours ago

ABC7 News: This teacher helped save her student's life by donating her kidney.
T: My teacher marks me absent when I'm in class.




uberv3x 572 points·13 hours ago
She can’t give those out unless she brought enough for the whole class


Milan4King 95 points·6 hours ago
I always knew she played favorites. Bitch wouldn't even let me pass the class with a 52.


alphaandtheta 7 points·1 hour ago
Try getting a B for 89.97


FreakJob99 18 4 points·1 day ago
Wtf in my school you had to get a 93 for an A


KingWeaselFart 146 points·11 hours ago
My teacher did marked me absent when I was there more than 3 times. I didn't realize until I got my report card and it said I was absent for that class 3 more times than all the other classes that I have on the same day.


lostinthe87 133 points·8 hours ago
Then your parents ask you why you were skipping class even though you’re such an introverted nerd that you would never be able to do that


Xavienth 16 39 points·5 hours ago
I had this teacher that just didn't give a fuck about absents so one day i was away and all my teachers marked me as such except them which meant the automated system called my parents and told them i was skipping classes.


Hexidian 500K Attendee ??14 points·4 hours ago
At my school your homeroom teacher marks you absent or present at the start of the day. I’m always there early because sometimes teachers will make you absent if you’re late by like one minute. Despite this I was marked absent twice and didn’t realize until my mom told me that the school called her.


L_ucci 171 points·10 hours ago
She donated the kids kidney?! How awful


Heptagonalhippo 14 29 points·1 day ago
Hold my kidney I'm going in!


HydraTowern 19 49 points·1 day ago
Wouldn't her kidneys be kinda ...big?


Lillis717715 24 points·1 day ago
They trim them down


HydraTower 19 12 points·1 day ago
Would they grow though? What?


Lillis717715 16 points·1 day ago
I’m not a surgeon lol but no they should only alter in size as the body grows. Transplants from what I understand are usually pretty good with staying in tune with the new body


DaveyTheBoxFratelli 12 points·1 day ago
similar question- the teacher looks to be about 30 or so years older than the child so assuming the child lives to be elderly would it be an issue if the kidney is like 100 years old but the person it’s in only 70?


minimuscleR Team Kiwi Bird 17 points·1 day ago
possibly. But I would rather be 70 than 7 and die.


SHAWZMO 15 points·1 day ago
My fifth grade teacher was yelling at me and I was told I was going to work at McDonald’s for the rest of my life


matopota 24 points·2 days ago
She gave that kid her knee! Faith restored!

她把她的膝盖给那孩子啦?哦,我的信仰重塑了! (Knee膝盖与kidney肾脏一词后半部分读音相同)

ihymfy 10 points·2 days ago
When was in math class d got thrown out for saying the right answer


AlexJones198 7 points·1 day ago
My teacher forgot about me during a fire drill. My friends did too. Didn’t even know I wasn’t with the class. I was completely on the other side of the school and once she found out she laughed. Made me feel loved to be forgotten by everyone you know and care about lol.


Miracow 18 4 points·1 day ago
I myself traded my kidney to my teacher in return for in A in the class def worth it


Khrime 3 points·1 day ago
Teachers lookin down like “what the fuck have I done I only got one of em left”


my_calf_are_great 2 points·1 day ago
I was gone for a day and I made such a little impression on my teachers that they marked me as there.


repeatReputation 1 point·1 day ago
Mine makes lies about me. Even if it was infrony of my face with proof against her.


pempoczky 15 1 point·1 day ago
My teacher forgot my name after 2 years of teaching me and mixed it up with one of the worst students in the class for the final report. I got her grades and she got mine