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Teens Are So Lonely, They're TakingCabbages On Leashes For Walks


This is the pet for you if you want to geta head.



Teenagers in China are taking leashedcabbages on "walks" as a means to cope with loneliness anddepression, according to the Metro.


"I feel I can transfer my negativethoughts about myself to the cabbage, go for a walk with it and come homefeeling better about myself," 17-year-old Lui Ja Chen, who explained,according to the Austrian Times.


Another 17-year-old, Da-Xia Sung, said"I have more interest for my cabbage than I do my parents. I feel itunderstands me."


Psychiatrist Wen Chao, 56, believes thiscabbage therapy can be helpful, but warns that cabbage confidantes should notreplace actual human contact.


"At the end of the day someone real totalk to is much healthier," Chao said.


Fresh cabbages can last for one to twoweeks in the refrigerator. Although it's unclear how routinely taking a cabbageout and dragging it around the sidewalk can affect spoilage, it'll probably renderthe vegetable inedible pretty quickly.



Jocelyn C. (cape2island)
So, you live in a country with 1.35 billionpeople. Can't find a friend? Ah yes, so of course you hang out with your petcabbage and wonder WHY? WHY? can't I find a friend!!! OK, off my soapbox, gottatake my zucchini out for a walk.
3 MAY 6:14 AM


Kelly Zanghi-Clark (KellyZC)
Jocelyn, this is mostly a problem for maleyoung people in China. This is a result of China's long held "one childrule" where families are threatened, fined and even imprisoned for havingmore than one child. China even employees state abortion doctors who literallygo from town to town performing (and still do in some locations) mandatoryabortions on mothers who are pregnant with their 2nd child. In order to avoidcondemnation, many either kill their baby girls or leave them by the roadsidein hopes that someone will take them in. Now,years later their are not enoughgirls for the young males to date or marry, in "Beijing: About 34 millionChinese males would have to look outside China to find brides as malepopulation continue to heavily outnumber the women population in the world'smost populous country".See these links for 


Don (donsimus)
people are soooo GULLIBLE. expected betterfrom you huffpost than unresearched repost from the frickin Metro.
They are fans and its kind of subversivepolitcal/art movement. it has nothing to do with them being lonely ordepressed. Read for yourself. I found the name of the Midi music festivalembedded in the JPEG. was only quick search or two from there to find Han Bing,He started this back as early as 2000.
3 MAY 9:13 AM


Tammy . (tgmbookie420)
Geez...get a dog!
3 MAY 6:22 AM


Nicholas Christos (Nicholas_Christos)
this is from the Onion, right?
3 MAY 7:33 AM


Ameri Bugger (dclintn648)
SUPER USER·3,609 Fans·Education curesconservatism
There are countless homeless animals inChina... surely these lonely kids can take one in! Two problems solved!
3 MAY 7:38 AM


Delray (delray_t_thumper)
Down home in Western Carolina, it'sconsidered normal to take your tomatoes for long walks. Occasionally, they lagbehind, and you have to step on them, and say "ketchup." (Thanks PF)
4 MAY 1:29 AM


Dustin (VO2Sprint)
Seems like this isn't particularlynewsworthy. More important issues that should be covered domestically andglobally than spoiled kids walking cabbage. Get outside of these touristy urbancenters in China and you will see real problems that China is dealing withinstead of fabricated dribble that is being pawned off as an newsworthy issue.
3 MAY 8:07 PM


Lindy K. (LindyK)
Is tis a joke? I think so. Like pet rocks.
4 MAY 5:37 AM


Nicholas Christos (Nicholas_Christos)
28 Fans
one child rule - screw with nature and shewill screw you right back, she wins long term! How smart is it to have 34million males with high testosterone and no where to vent - sounds like aperfect storm for a revolution?
3 MAY 7:36 AM


Rick T. (rickt123)
what's wrong with a pet rock or an old pairof sneakers? why does it have to be a vegetable that is good for us to eat?
3 MAY 9:13 PM