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What''s a Chinese wedding like?




I''m German but got married to my Chinese husband in China last year. We also started the day with some door games. But I took over that task and changed them a little bit. I let them dress up as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, do some exercises and eat weird stuff. Then my husband had to answer 10 questions about me - which I made extra tricky. He didn''t manage to answer correctly enough, so his friends had to drink more German liquor. I didn''t want to involve money in those games since all of my friends were foreigners.


Because there is no typical point in the schedule when you get married during that day, I decided to exchange rings and tell each other vows in front of everyone instead.


Also, I made sure he didn''t see me in my Chinese dress before that day, we didn''t spend the night before together, and I did not change my dress that whole day. I sneaked in some of the German culture as well ;)


Fuzhou style wedding to be exact. China is so diverse tho..


Ivan Kova?
Interestingly enough, weddings in Croatia are almost exactly the same ... with the games and all, the cars, the money (buying access to the bride, just not with red envelopes) ... no firecrackers tho

有趣的是,克罗地亚的婚礼和这个几乎完全一样... ... 做游戏,比赛,车子,花钱(买通新娘,只是不用红包) ... ... 不过没有鞭炮

Blondie, you’re officially married when you get that marriage license in China. The wedding banquet is just festivity and public announcement.


Mike Liang
The traditional specific point are "3 bows" : first bow the the ancestor, second bow to the parents, third bow to each other". after this three bows, they are considered as offical couple.

传统的婚礼主要是“三鞠躬” : 一鞠躬敬祖上,二鞠躬敬父母,三鞠躬敬对方。三鞠躬之后,他们被官方认为是夫妻

Tijana M.
In Eastern and South Eastern Europe we also barricade the doors, play ridiculous games, bargain for money ?? my cousin had to pay 300€ just to open the door and then they gave him the old uncle of the bride covered in a wedding veil ??


Angelique Wu
This is amazing! :000


As a Chinese American, a Chinese person born in America, I also want to marry in accordance to Chinese tradition! :)


Alison W
It’s the same in Eastern Europe with the barricades for the grooms ??


Wait whaat? I''m from Bulgaria and I have to say that 99% of the Chinese wedding traditions are exactly the same as the ones we have here. Pretty mind-blowing!

等等,什么? 我来自保加利亚,我不得不说99% 的中国婚礼传统和我们这里的一模一样。真是令人兴奋。

Simran Chawla
Omggg, I never knew Chinese weddings are soooooo similar to Indian weddings ?? We also have the shoe hiding custom but here the bridesmaids hide the shoes of the groom while they are taking the wedding wows in the temple and then they demand huge amounts of money to give them their shoes back. So many such customs and traditions in India with lots of food, drinking and dancing here ????


I don''t think people are aware of how similar India and China are but the more I learn about China, the more similarities I see.


Richard xu
Oh, my God. I''m liking your channel. To have such a deep understanding of Chinese folk culture


Estas Vii
I think the Baitang(拜堂) part in a Chinese wedding or Han style wedding is, to some degree, an equivalent to the "I do" part in a Western wedding.


Jurgen Angler
Most of the southeast asian chinese or their ancestor used to be came from Fujian province and eastern Guangdong province so yes the dish had similarity with southeast asianee.


chat2stephen Oz 2stephen Oz
During a chinese ceremony wedding, the specific point in time when the bribe and groom are officially married is when they bow to each other in front of the family.


insane logic94
Gurl, let me tell you, you''ve saved my bacon! My partner''s cousin is getting married in three weeks and this is legit the video my white ass needed. (It''s also my first time meeting his family, eep!) . Thank you so much! xx

Gurl,我告诉你吧,你救了我的命!我对象的表妹三周后就要结婚了,这正是我所需要的视频。(这也是我第一次见到他的家人. 非常感谢! Xx

Shiba Inu
Hong konger here: We do the same. But here they don''t need to bow to anyone. Just both parents and serve them tea.

香港人: 我们也是这样做的。但在这里,他们不需要向任何人鞠躬,只要给父母敬茶就可以了。

And i must say, if they celebrated a traditional chinese wedding. Wearing white is a total no go, because we only wear complet white on funerals.


waterboy 182
You have been digging so deep ,fuding is actually a county level city


jing guo
It''s so cute. The wedding customs in Fujian and Guangdong are the most fun


The specific time of the wedding in my hometown that is serving tea to both the bride and bridegroom''s parents. When their parents take the tea from them that means the family accepts this marriage.


The Tears of Jungkook
Amy, I was meant to be going to China this year after my final exams but due to the recent outbreak I am scared I won’t be able to go, what has the news in China been saying about this virus, will they be able to contain it and get rid of it?


I am really worried for everyone’s health as well!


Please stay safe Amy! Always wear a mask and try and limit your exposure outside

请注意安全,艾米! 一定要戴上口罩,尽量避免外出

You are so beautiful
And I love the way you immerse in chinese culture.


Jenya P.
Looks like a russian wedding in many ways, interesting!


most wedding will be like what you have shown to us.


Nicole Feldman
I love the Hello kitties & the priceless look on your face when you got to taste firecrackers. Only you??I luv it????????

我喜欢Hello kitties的公仔和当你尝试在嘴里放鞭炮时脸上的表情。唯独喜欢你

new music
this look like Iraqi wedding ????


Yang Ro2s
Well, 谢谢 for that. I’m best man in 10 days at a wedding in Harbin. ??????????????. Little curious about ‘the games’...

好吧,谢谢你分享的视频。10天后,我将以伴郎的身份参加一场哈尔滨婚礼??. 我对“游戏”有点好奇..

Maurits Oppelaar
that second guy doing pushups is pretty hilarious


rohit rai
You''re Lucky Blondie. I wish the couple a Happy Life! (Hidding shoes, jackets and blocking entrance are practised in Nepal, too. Only cash can win hearts! haha)

你是幸运的金发美女。祝这对新人生活幸福! (在尼泊尔,人们也有藏鞋子、夹克衫和堵门的习俗。只有现金才能赢得人心!哈哈)

Vincent KKC
I’m almost fall in love with you ??????when I watching your videos in China ???? you look real.. humble..pretty..not ego & pretending...which is i really like about you.. i wish I can travel around the world together with you amy...


The other seated guests normally just receive a simple toast from the couple when they go round thanking each table.


There''s no right or wrong routine...so a big YAY to variation!


Oh, and I hope those who drunk weren''t the ones who had to drive seven hours! :D


I do have to disagree with Shady, because you absolutely can''t go to a wedding in white in rural China. It is what you wear when attending a traditional Chinese funeral.


shan2406 shan2406
15:20 it depend on where is wedding take place, if its a 5 star hotel. you may need wearing formal dressing. as I can see this wedding is more family style.


You look gorgeous in that dress


Al F.
I was hoping to see the full sequin outfit you had on.


Rebecca Tang
I love how open you are to Chinese culture


It seems way more fun than western wedding :D !

看起来比西式婚礼有趣多了: d

Richart Asia
Firecrackers in your mouth means you have a very ''Prosperous Mouth'' bring you wealth & luck... hahaha

在你嘴里放鞭炮,意味着你有一个非常“繁荣的嘴”,能给你带来财富和运气... 哈哈哈

That is pretty much what my wedding looked like


As a Chinese, my understanding is that the couple became officially married when they signed papers and registered at the Ministry of Civil Affairs. The wedding feasts were just ceremonies, mostly for announcing the marriage to relatives, friends and neighbors.


John Lu
There isn''t necessarily so much a "ceremony" that solidifies their marriage but "festivities" whose purpose is to announce the marriage to friends and relatives and celebrate with them.


Tons of different wedding traditions exist and people can even follow the same line of tradition differently anyway.


Banja 1
I''m from southwest China. Almost every wedding custom mentioned in the video is similar with ours, We do those too. ????

我来自中国西南部。 视频中提到的几乎每一个婚礼习俗都和我们的相似,我们也这样做

Ken Sun
There would also be a tea ceremony in some areas of China. This wedding is simpler than the ones I have been to


Nicole Feldman
Thank you for sharing such a lovely wedding, traditions are so amazing!


Gerry Zhang
this girl is reallypretty


Blondie, would you like to have a Chinese culture wedding for yourself when you have find a Chinese man you love?


Z Shao
Appreciate you for experiencing Chinese culture so deeply ??


7:02 no video about Chinese customs or culture wouldn''t be perfect unless these few words are mentioned... ;-)

没有一个关于中国风俗或文化的视频是不完美的,除非这几个词被提到... ... ; -)

Nisong Laos
The moment you arrive in the groom''s house, especially after you bow to the heaven, the earth and the parents, you''re couple.


waterboy 182
You have been digging so deep ,fuding is actually a county level city


Mingnificent Love
Wish I can be as cool as Shady ??

希望我能像 Shady 一样酷

Leon Zhang
I live in Australia right now. FUDING is very close to my hometown. It’s about 1 and half hour drive. Thank you for showing China to the Rest of the World. Sexy!


Ricky Chua
Usually, the couple would''ve registered as husband and wife at the local registrar of marriage office before the wedding dinner.


Bojian Li
love your earrings!


chan lian
We lived in Fuzhou for 15 years then moved back to US 10 years ago. I miss this city.


Mapuana Kupuna
Aloha Amy, can you report on what''s going on in China with the Corono Virus situation & are you safe? Mahalo nui loa! Sending prayers to you all over there!

你好,艾米,你能说一说中国正在发生的冠状病毒事件吗? 你安全吗? 谢谢你!向你们所有人祈祷

chhum try
The wedding was so cool


In Chinese wedding the husband pay everything for the wedding. For the west the wife pay...


Duanquan Lin
There is a moment to anounce that they are merried when they bow to each other and their parents in the wedding. It is called 拜堂 (baitang) in Chinese.


3:52, 15:44 and more, is called huaquan (划拳), it''s a "fist guessing" game that tests your sobriety and fast response after alcohol drinking, basically if you lose one guess, you are "punished" to drink one cup, or, one sip, depending on the rules.

还有一种游戏叫做“划拳” ,是一种“猜拳”游戏,测试你喝酒后的清醒度和快速反应。基本上,如果你猜错了一次,你就会被“惩罚”喝一杯,或者喝一口,这取决于规则。

keng chen
Hey blondie, I''m going to fuzhou in a few days I''m from NY, I can refer u to a few great places


Thought you were getting married


omni weltall
Cute wedding :)


Wish them happiness


Soooo materialistic. Fabulous lovely though. Love those foods. Thanks


Liyiran Xia
12:59 that''s a really handy grater! Any clue where to get one of these?

视频12:59,真是个方便的刨丝器! 知道从哪儿能弄到这个吗?

marti an
I love these longer videos ^^

我喜欢这些时间长的视频 ^ ^

I don''t know why...but I just love watching these wedding videos...can''t get enough of them??


simon foxbat
Yes it is reminds me of my own wedding


J. Y.
omg as a Chinese, this wedding looks very interesting and very different from ours (northeastern)... thank you for sharing this!!

作为一个中国人,这个婚礼看起来非常有趣,和我们(东北部)的婚礼非常不同... ... 谢谢你们分享这个!

Chaozhou Hoa
This is very south China’s tradition. Northern and central plain provinces have different traditions.


Sometimes its decided when the groom ask their brides parents for her hand and dowry ks negotiated.


They usually have a tea and bowing ceremony to honour the parents, ancestors, heaven and earth (gods)


This all depends on how the family''s customs like.


113 Interior Marco 1
No. It''s only official when they kowtow and served tea in front of both their parents


Salvatore Trump
u got to change the title to "a wedding of rural people in South China"..


Yili Lin
Your new makeup is beautiful:)


Colin Barca
Beautiful Amy as always


shan2406 shan2406
7:15 thats the point. been there done that, no more thanks

视频7:15 是重点,我之前也做过,不用谢。

Allen Lau
I''ve been to a Chinese wedding myself where there were extensive barricade activities before the groom can pick up the bride in the morning, including some uncomfortable moments such as the groomsmen having to split a spaghetti noodle using their mouths only. There were also tea ceremonies where the groom and the bride offer tea to the parents and other elders later in the morning or in early afternoon....

我自己曾经参加过一个中国婚礼,在新郎早上接新娘之前,娘家人会设置大量“障碍”,包括一些令人不舒服的时刻,比如伴郎只能用嘴分意大利面条。还有敬茶仪式,新郎和新娘会在上午晚些时候或下午早些时候为父母和其他长者敬茶... ..

Cjango Freeman
I heard and tasted White Tea, Silver Needle, is the finest tea from China. Awfully expensive because it''s actually the young buds of the tea leaves when they start growing.


Christina Z
Less exposure to the crowded public at this time and make more videos in the near future!


Alex Poe
Amy that was wonderful ????


This is an awesome video..! Thanks so much for posting it.

这是一个很棒的视频! 非常感谢你能分享它

Now I understand why Chinese weddings are so culturally important, cost so much and are planned over a very long time. Must be exhausting though for everyone concerned. Thanks for making everything so personal and interesting ????


Bob Chan
Best wishes for this lovely couple:)


chhum try
It like the fanciest wedding ever


Hmmm...I know what this is leading up to! You''re marriage! Congrats! haha

嗯... 我知道这意味着什么了! 你们结婚了! 恭喜! 哈哈

Dennis Y
The main ceremony is the tea ceremony ??


Feng Yan
Paper before the Wedding, sure of it.


lydia wu
You are such a good video maker! Just binge-watched your videos for the past 3 hours

你是个好的视频制作者! 只要连续看你的视频3个小时就行了

When will you go to a Chinese Divorce? Looking forward to that episode!

你什么时候拍一集关于中国离婚的视频 ? 期待那一集

red panda
So interesting! Thank you Blondie and thank you to the couple for allowing us to attend their wedding! Wish them a very happy life ! (And Blondie, your earrings are so pretty ! )

太有趣了!谢谢你,Blondie 。也谢谢这对夫妇让我们参加他们的婚礼!祝他们生活幸福!(Blondie ,你的耳环真漂亮!)

M Ildiko Mester
thank you for sharing this....so interesting!!!


Minnie C.
I''ve never seen anyone wearing a hoodie and sweats at a Chinese wedding in the West or Asia. Personally, I find it disrespectful. I don''t care if it''s trendy/fashionable, expensive designer street wear. You just don''t wear it for certain events like a wedding or funeral.


I want to get invited to Chinese wedding now.


Nix Nimma
Now we want to see your wedding :D


1:28 The food is called "瘦肉丸" in chinese


Most Chinese wedding is like this, my parents wedding was the exact same and we’re cantonese. I’d want my wedding to be half western and half traditional lol


Square thoughts
u are amazing and the energy u bring in your vlog is outstanding


Paul H
Fascinating, thanks!


Susan Li
Yes, there are a little bit differences in different provinces. Thanks ??


J Chen
Happy Spring Festival!


Anshul Gupta
Fan of your personality, fitness, optimism, cheerness etc etc. Keep going


Lida Xu
Beware of the virus!


it was amazing to watch this! Thanks!

看到这个真是太棒了! 谢谢

14:25 what? It seems Shady forgot some of his culture. Of curse there is a specific time saying a new couple are married. It''s when they bow three times in front of their parents. One for sky and earth, one for their parents and one for themselves.

什么? 似乎 Shady 忘记了他的一些文化背景。当然会有一个特定的时间来说明这一对新人正式结婚了。就是他们在父母面前鞠三次躬,一鞠躬敬天地,二鞠躬敬父母,三鞠躬夫妻对拜。

Wow ! So fun ! Thanks for sharing

哇! 太有趣了! 谢谢分享

Pablo E
where are all the girls? it looked like our parties in highschool lol

伴娘都在哪里? 看起来像我们高中的派对

Raymond Chang
Are you permanently staying in China? I feel like I''ve seen you there for forever!!

你要永远留在中国吗? 我有种感觉你会永远待在中国!

Brian Petersen
An excellent video!


That looks like so much fun


Victor Liu
I swear the foods on weddings or funerals are the best I have eaten.


I’ve been to four weddings in Harbin China. Definitely something to see. Also been to three funerals.


You have to get up early for them. A lot of funerals are like five or 6 o’clock in the morning.


ip desperado
firecrackers still allowed? i thought they were banned...

鞭炮还允许放吗? 我以为鞭炮是被禁止的..

Where is the tea ceremony for the parents of both sides and also for the elder relatives like grandparents or uncles/aunts??


Jim Wong
Awesome! Thanks for your video introducing Chinese traditional wedding in details!

太棒了! 感谢您的视频,详细介绍了中国传统婚礼。

Scott W
Actually these multi-wedding thing is happening with more couples having diverse background, and not only to Chinese. I am from Shanghai so you know lots of Chinese from out of town, the common sense is to have three weddings: two in each other''s hometown for families relatives and friends, another one at Shanghai for colleagues and friends.


I currently live in Montreal and one newly wed couple I know the guy is from Toulouse France and bride comes from Southern India, so they had two weddings too but decided to skip Montreal since first being already exhausted and second they don''t have too much friends here.